Is Life Happening To You?

My journey has been an interesting one, providing me with ample opportunity for learning experiences ripe with wisdom. I’ve gone from Indiana to Tennessee to Florida, back to Tennessee, back to Indiana, back to Tennessee, back to Indiana and then to Maui (that’s right, I said Maui), again back to Indiana, to North Carolina and finally back to Florida. Whew!

After years of traversing here and there and chasing this endeavor and that desire, I have finally made my way to the city of my dreams.

I know, I know…to those who live here it may be just another Florida Gulf Coast city. But to me…well let’s suffice it to say I’ve been envisioning, meditating, praying, affirming, and anything else I can do to manifest this dream into reality for at least 15 years.

Low and behold I am here and extremely excited to see what life has in store for me now that I’ve arrived. Since getting here a few weeks ago, I’ve been confronted with some serious decisions. Anyone who knows me knows that this is not one of my greatest talents. Decision making is a very difficult task for me for some reason. My closest friends and partners have confessed that they would like to throttle me after watching the endless torturous process I put myself through with every “important” decision I encounter.

This week’s mental tennis match was all about career choices. I was offered an option that truly came out of left field. This job had its major advantages; however, at the end of the day I felt that I was selling my soul for those amenities. It only took me 24 hours to realize that my gut was screaming, “Don’t do it!”

What I have failed to mention is this job offer came on the heels (the very next day) of a super-invigorating interview that went very well, and I had all but accepted a position doing something that felt very right for me. In fact, I had planned on contacting this person the following Monday and accepting the position. I had truly felt that destiny was in play. My mind begged to ask, why did this other offer enter the picture?

I have always been a very spiritual person. Raised in a very conservative Christian home, it took a lot of independence, rebelliousness, courage, and strength to break free from my family’s religious beliefs that don’t truly fit for me, and find my own voice. I am a seeker. I seek truth. I seek what makes me feel alive. I know when something resonates within and when it does not. Still for some reason I tend to second guess my inner voice a lot when it comes to the more mundane decisions in life. That is something I continue to work on.

My search for my truth has led me to some truly amazing books and resources that continue to expand my consciousness as well as my awareness in ways that literally blow my mind! It’s exciting and awe-inspiring every time the Universe brings me to a new precipice that allows my beliefs to take a quantum leap into a concept that only moments before seemed impossible to grasp. These epiphanies and “aha” moments provide a turbo boost to my spiritual and personal growth.

My quest for these golden nuggets of spiritual manna is a never ending journey that I am grateful beyond words for, and it brings me tremendous joy and fulfillment. With each new book, film, website, or whatever form God decides to use to guide me, comes yet more clues to why I am here and what my mission is while on planet Earth as Linda Burke.

It is hard for me to comprehend that some people actually go through their entire lives without awakening to their innate desire to grow…to find their purpose…to feel this amazing miracle of connection to Spirit, Source, God, or whatever you choose to call it. I usually use Universe/God interchangeably and fully realize that this great unconditional loving power that permeates our world cares not what we call it.

It seems to me that most people go through life thinking that “stuff is happening to them.” They say things like, “Why is this happening to me?” Or “What have I done to deserve this?” Worse, they blame God for the things they perceive to be bad when things go “wrong.” I believe this mentality is exactly what is “wrong.”

You see, I believe we create our own reality through the choices we make, which in turn brings about the consequences or “stuff they think is happening to them.” God gave us free will. It is up to us to choose wisely or foolishly. It’s a simple case of cause and effect. Now, that doesn’t mean miracles don’t or can’t happen. I absolutely believe they can and do. But I believe we have much more control over such occurrences or at least we play a much more active role in them than the average person realizes.

Quantum physics has proven that merely watching something occur can change the outcome of the event. This is a scientific fact that should be on the headlines of every newspaper. It should be a news ticker that runs across your television every hour. Its implications are that profound! (Click on the quantum physics and scientific fact links if you want to delve further into these concepts.)

This theory distilled and simplified to the max means that our intentions or thoughts can and do actually become reality. In the words of one of my favorite New Thought speakers and authors, Mike Dooley, “Thoughts Become Things!”

I have personally demonstrated it myself daily, and have observed it through other people’s lives over and over. Here is an example of how it works:

Your day begins as usual, but just before heading out the door for work the phone rings. You answer it to find out your 2 o’clock appointment was cancelled so the sell you thought you were going to make today falls through. You say out loud, “Great! Just my luck!” Feeling quite perturbed, you hang up the phone and walk over to grab your keys and they are not on the hook where they normally hang awaiting your retrieval. You say out loud, “Perfect! I can see what kind of day this is going to be!” You search for 20 minutes only to find them where you laid them as you stopped to answer the phone 20 minutes earlier. Now you are frustrated, perturbed, and late. You storm out the door and get into your car. Driving to work, you get pulled over because you’re speeding due to running late and you get a ticket. “Why is this s**t happening to me?”

Once the spiral begins, it is easy to careen down a negative path that only attracts more negativity into its trajectory. It’s the law of attraction in action. If you allow yourself to be sucked into this negative vortex, it will only expand and grow more negative outcomes. You are so caught up in negative emotion that you don’t even notice the beautiful sapphire blue sky, the amazing huge butterfly that’s following you from the car to your office building door, or the flowers on your desk that an appreciative client had delivered to you. Not to mention, the fact that you have a nice car, great house, wonderful spouse and are breathing, walking and are healthy and alive to enjoy the everyday blessings you are surrounded by.

How many times has something you perceived as bad occurred in your life and you thought it was the worst thing possible only to turn out to be a blessing in disguise? This happens to me all the time. It’s not what happens to us that matters as much as how we respond to it. This is much easier said than done. But it is so true.

Try instead to realize that sometimes things happen for our own good, and that behind the scenes there is a divine order, a higher power that is working on our behalf and in our favor. If you can begin to entertain this attitude, it will bring profound blessings into your life. I promise!

To continue with this example: That evening when you get home you see on the news there was a random shooting at the very restaurant where you were supposed to have met the person who cancelled on you earlier that day. Tragically, 6 people were killed and several injured. Sort of takes the sting out of that cancelled appointment and traffic ticket, doesn’t it?

Next time something is testing you, why not step back, take a deep breath and really try to see it from a different angle. Try not to knee-jerk react with actions that come from anger or fear. Instead, go within and ask God, your guides, your higher power, for clarity, guidance and wisdom to realize that life is not out to get you. Life wants you to get it…to realize that the magic in the underlying laws of the Universe that govern life everywhere are at work whether we acknowledge it or not. The sooner we wake up to our own innate power that is lying dormant just under our own radar, the sooner we will understand that the possibilities are limitless.

With this one pivot, this one seemingly simple adjustment in our thinking, our lives can change dramatically! Wake up! Take control of your destiny. It’s your God-given right and your responsibility.

Begin each day by setting your intention to stay aware and on track. When challenges come your way, remember the traffic ticket in comparison to the lost lives at the restaurant shooting. Get some perspective. Count your blessings and come from a spirit of gratitude instead of anger or frustration.

When my knees hurt I always try to remember there are those with no legs. When my plans for my house renovation are stalled, I try to remember there are homeless people who would give anything for my household problems. When my heart hurts because I miss my family, I try to remember there are those who have no one.

Is life happening to you? Pivot from negativity to gratitude and begin to create a better life immediately. Open your eyes and heart to the awareness that many times you are creating your own suffering through the choices you have made and are continuing to make.
I am not saying we knowingly invite suffering and tragedy into our lives. However, we cannot possibly comprehend the intricate web of circumstances underlying the divine order of all events in this world. Why not exercise our positive mentality in order to attract a more harmonious outcome?

This simple awareness alone will illuminate your path allowing the Universe to align circumstances and synchronicities that will inspire and rejuvenate your spirit, restoring your faith and fueling you for further expansion and fulfillment.

This philosophy goes hand in hand with physical health. Why? You will find that once you begin this type of spiritual work, you will inherently want to take better care of yourself. Our bodies are the temple of our souls. It’s time we take better care of them.

My Now What Fitness Series can help you pivot from out of shape and unhealthy to physically fit and healthy! They are succinct and to the point. No wasting time on fluff or filler. Pure guidance on how to exercise and train smart and eat right!

Check them out! They are easy on the wallet to boot! If you don’t like them, return them! It’s that simple.

Stop living by default! Life doesn’t have to happen to you. Take control of your life, health and longevity. Buy my books and begin exercising and living a healthy lifestyle, and you will be amazed at the new and positive things that will begin to manifest in your life.

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