Don’t Die with the Music Still in You!

Once upon a time in what seems like another life, I was a singer/songwriter. I lived in Nashville, Tennessee. I was young and had the world at my fingertips and my whole life ahead of me.

That’s me in the blue sweater with my band, Savvy, 1996.

I wrote songs constantly. Some people journal. Not me. My songs were my journal. Writing songs provided the perfect outlet. That’s how I coped with whatever was going on in my life at any given time.

It seemed like all I had to do was open my eyes in the morning and songs would come spewing forth as naturally for me as breathing for most folks.

Now, I am not saying they were all potential hit songs. My point is that I was super-inspired to write on most days. If someone had told me I had to stop writing, it would have been akin to death by suffocation. Inspiration and subsequent writing was as much a part of what made me tick as basal metabolism is to human functioning.

Funny how when we are young we think we have all the time in the world. We believe we are invincible. Then one day we wake up pushing 60, and it feels like it all flashed by in seconds instead of years. Like all of a sudden, you find yourself in an old body wondering what happened. Who is that in the mirror, and what have they done with the real me?

I have this box of lyrics that I have been lugging around with me for the past 30 years or so. It began with a notebook at the tender age of 17. After a lifetime of experiences, it’s become my treasure chest of memories filled with hundreds of either full songs or partial lyrics.

Whenever I sit and read them, I am taken back in time to the special occasion, the heartbreak, the love of my life, or whatever may have prompted that particular song de jour. Talk about a blast from the past!

The lyrics always elicit an emotion I find hard to put into words. Even if it’s a sad heartbreak song, they inevitably take me back to a better time. To a time when I felt the future was exciting, and possibilities were limitless. Back before I felt so jaded by a life that has somehow shanghaied me and passed me by, leaving regret and disillusionment.

How did I get to be this old? And worse, why do I read these lyrics and realize that I am still searching for the same things I was searching for 20-30 or more years ago?

As another year nears its end, it makes me think about my life and ponder what it all means. Why does it seem that some people are destined to struggle to find their purpose, while others know from an early age exactly what they want; it’s like they were born knowing precisely how they are going to achieve it. I’ve always envied those folks.

<<Insert Energy Shift Here>>

Hold on a second! I’m not dead yet! Right? Who’s to say that I can’t pull these songs out, dust them off, and bring them to life again? In fact, maybe my music was ahead of its time back then. Perhaps the time is now for these songs to have their heyday!

After all, I am a baby boomer who recently moved to a state filled to the brim with other baby boomers. My fellow Floridians are full of life, vim, and vigor, as well as the wisdom that comes naturally with their years of experience on planet Earth!

Boomers tend to be intrinsically nostalgic in comparison to younger folks. Who better to appreciate my heartfelt musings from “back in the day” than the kindred spirits I now find myself surrounded by as I enter the autumn of my life?

Perhaps instead of giving in to a “woe is me” attitude, I shall choose instead to put myself out there once again. These songs may be old to me, but they are new to all the folks who are about to hear them for the first time. Thankfully, I have hundreds in my library.

I am determined to face my fears and take one more stab at this dream of mine before it’s too late. The time has come to act on this lifelong burning desire to bare my soul through sharing my song journal in the hopes of finding acceptance, a smile, and a nod of validation in return.

Me in 2015, older and wiser!

My journey may seem mundane by most standards, but hopefully, the songs of my life add a unique flavor of interest to an otherwise unnoteworthy life.

This time around, rather than a scared, insecure young girl who allowed the fantastic talent I was surrounded by in Music City all those years ago to intimidate me into silence, I now have the perspective of a seasoned traveler whose biggest fear is dying with my music still in me. I’ll funnel this emotion into heartfelt performances.

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That’s it for now! Until next time, thank you for reading! Good luck! Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! And may God bless you! Namaste! 🙂

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