Get Fit

In this no-hype, fact-filled book, certified personal trainer Linda Burke clearly spells out what it takes to get fit and stay fit. Beginning with explaining what exactly constitutes a good fitness plan, she goes on to spell out exactly what you need to do and why you need to do it.

“The Media often leaves you confused, ill-informed, or even worse: completely scammed or lied to with offers of quick fixes, magic potions, or crazy contraptions promising unrealistic results,” cautions Burke. “With obesity rates higher than they’ve ever been, and aging baby-boomers growing more concerned than ever with their health, it’s high time someone shed some light on this very convoluted subject.”

This book is the first of six from The Now What? Fitness Series. Laying out the foundation of fitness in a concise and simplified manner makes for a book that helps the reader truly comprehend how to improve one’s health and well-being. Burke breaks fitness down into comprehensible concepts, giving anybody who truly wants to change their health and their lives in profound ways the tools and knowledge to do so.

So You Want to Get Fit…Now What? gives you essential facts and step-by-step guidance so that you can structure a health and fitness plan that will deliver permanent results for a healthier, happier life no matter what your current age or fitness level may be.


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