Cardio book coverIn this second book of The Now What? Fitness Series, certified personal fitness trainer Linda Burke delves into cardiovascular fitness.

Explaining the benefits and guidelines of cardiovascular fitness in a concise and simplified manner makes for a book that helps the reader truly understand the importance of cardiovascular training. Burke goes on to explain the different modes of cardio and the best cardio exercise. She covers topics such as target heart rate, how to properly monitor your heart rate during cardiovascular exercise, and how to safely implement this essential component of fitness from beginning cardio to advanced cardio training.

This book breaks cardiovascular fitness training down into comprehensible concepts including practical sample workouts, giving anybody who truly wants to change their health and their lives in profound ways the tools and knowledge to do so.

So You Want to Do Cardio…Now What? gives you essential information and step-by-step guidance so that you can structure the cardiovascular component of your fitness plan in a way that will deliver permanent results for a healthier, happier life no matter what your age or fitness level.


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