Here are just a few comments people are saying about The Now What Fitness Series!

FIVE STARS! “Linda Burke delivers complete, intelligent and useful information in this book. She is totally up to date with today’s workout guidelines. I strongly recommend it to anyone starting workouts or, like myself, needing to modify my routine after several years of gym membership. The author is generous and thorough in covering all the info you might need. I plan to purchase further volumes. And with a price of under $3.00 ?? WOW, SUCH A DEAL.”

FIVE STARS! “Good book! Explains machines typically found in gyms and the areas of the body that each one works. Talks about cardio and strength training. Gives sample training workouts.”

FIVE STARS! “This is a great series of books and very inexpensive for the cost. This book goes through the various nutrition that your body needs from protein, carbs, etc. Talks about portion control and how to loose fat faster.”

FIVE STARS! “These books are very well written with easy to understand instructions that makes eating right a very doable goal.”

FIVE STARS! “This book is full of great information! It includes sample workouts and a website to view exercises and videos as well.”

FIVE STARS! “This motivational and inspiring read helped this middle aged, never been fit, woman “get moving” and start feeling much better! Linda gives straight forward and easy to ready advice and tips and her style motivates me to just GET STARTED! In just a short time, I already feel much fitter, stronger, healthier and HAPPIER! I highly recommend this book–money well spent!”

FIVE STARS! “I thought this book was very inspirational. I found the information to be very helpful as I plan my new fitness program. It was well worth the time and money and I will be sure and read all the Now What? fitness series books!”

FIVE STARS! “Great book! Easy to follow instructions. Good examples! Defines what cardio is and different ways to get your cardio done.”

FIVE STARS! “In Linda’s Cardio book, which is part of a 6 book series, I learned why cardio training is so very important–not just for my heart but also that it has revved up my metabolism and also elevated my mood overall! She explains in very easy to understand terms what to do and why–and the “why” is what inspired me to strive to incorporate CARDIO into my busy, weekly schedule! A quick read and you’re on your way to feeling better and looking better!”

FIVE STARS! “Great book and inexpensive for those wanting an idea of how to work out at home and what to buy to work out with. This book gives very practical examples and will be very helpful.”

FIVE STARS! “Great book, goes through strength training at home or at a gym. Defines reps and sets and talks about frequency of workouts. Gives exercises and example schedules to follow.

FIVE STARS! “Loved this book! It’s laid out in a very concise and easy to read/understand format that contains wonderful information. Linda raises the bar on facilitation great training. She is very professional with great knowledge of strength training and more. Enjoyed reading this book and can’t wait to read her others. I strongly recommend others to read this book. For the low cost it loaded with information you need to understand what strength training is all about. A five star for sure!”

FIVE STARS! “Love your books, great way to get all the info I need in one place. Thanks for taking the time to make it all available at such a great price. I’ve got the whole┬áNow What? Fitness Series.

FIVE STARS! “I saw the $2.99 books and bought a couple. I figured for the price, why not? Well, Linda Burke is so easy to understand and enthusiastic about fitness and I enjoyed those books so much, I decided to get the set. She also has a great web site to go to for information and videos. My only wish is that I could train with her! Buy won’t be sorry. “


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